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707 3998d 09h alex-w /trunk/sql/ Change codename of project  
701 4348d 15h alex-w /trunk/  
473 4385d 14h alex-w /trunk/ Drop  
467 4385d 18h alex-w /trunk/lib/  
463 4386d 09h alex-w /trunk/lib/  
461 4387d 17h diffor /trunk/ autodetect server host&patch  
460 4387d 18h alex-w /trunk/  
459 4387d 18h alex-w /  
458 4387d 18h alex-w / 0.2.x moved from trunk to branch  
457 4388d 16h alex-w /trunk/  
326 4393d 17h alex-w /trunk/ Fix  
325 4393d 17h alex-w /trunk/ Fix  
324 4393d 17h alex-w /trunk/ Fix  
323 4393d 17h alex-w /trunk/ Mirror fix  
322 4393d 17h alex-w /trunk/ Mirror fix  
298 4396d 13h alex-w /trunk/sql/ Small fix  
297 4396d 13h alex-w /trunk/sql/ Fix  
295 4396d 13h alex-w /trunk/sql/ Prepare for release new development version of Ant  
294 4396d 13h alex-w /trunk/ TODO update  
293 4396d 14h alex-w /trunk/js/ Update jQuery  

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