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16 3693d 16h alex-w /trunk/ Update translations  
15 3699d 06h svn /trunk/ Update translate  
14 3700d 08h svn /trunk/ Update translations  
13 3700d 15h svn /trunk/ Small fix of weather information  
12 3704d 06h alex-w /trunk/ Update minor number of version  
11 3705d 07h alex-w /trunk/ clouds height fix  
10 3705d 07h alex-w /trunk/ clouds height fix  
9 3705d 07h alex-w /trunk/ Add new pressure  
8 3705d 07h alex-w /trunk/ Update translate and fix variable VISIBILITY_RUS  
7 3705d 08h alex-w /trunk/ Update translate  
6 3705d 08h alex-w /trunk/ small fix module name and POD  
4 3705d 08h alex-w /trunk/ Fix module name  
3 3705d 08h alex-w /trunk/ Upload source Geo::ModMETAR  
1 3705d 09h svn / Initial repository commit