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709 2750d 20h alex-w / moved source code to git  
708 3198d 16h alex-w /tags/0.9.2/ ant 0.9.2  
707 3198d 16h alex-w /trunk/sql/ Change codename of project  
706 3499d 02h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/ Up to 0.9.2a (Bugfix apt-rpm module)  
705 3499d 03h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/lib/  
704 3533d 19h alex-w /branches/ Drop SLD branch  
703 3544d 22h alex-w /branches/sld/ SourceList Distributions  
702 3548d 06h alex-w /tags/0.9.1/  
701 3548d 21h alex-w /trunk/  
700 3548d 22h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/lib/  
699 3548d 22h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/lib/  
698 3548d 22h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/lib/  
697 3548d 22h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/sql/ Update  
696 3548d 22h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/  
695 3548d 22h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/lib/  
694 3548d 23h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/lib/  
693 3548d 23h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/lib/  
692 3548d 23h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/sql/ Update SQL  
691 3548d 23h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/lib/  
690 3548d 23h alex-w /branches/ant/0.9.x/lib/  

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